About Us

BlueOnNix provides Web Hosting, Web Designs, Software Designs and App Designs & Building for clients with a desire to save. Our main goal is to give you high quality work at an unbeatable price.

BlueOnNix was created several years ago as a personal project. It has now grown to become a secure Data Center hosting a variety of websites, while providing other related services.

BlueOnNix have a team of dedicated Graphic Designers with over 40 years of experience. Our App Design & Building team create Apple App, Android App and Desktop App.

Contact us if you desire high quality work at a reasonable price.
Customer Testimonials
Not sure if BlueOnNix is right for you? Check out what our clients have to say.
Nikhil Reddy
Better than the best. Not a single issue till now. I'll suggest BlueonNix instead of other hosting services.
D. Elijah
App installation was quick and easy and the migration process was a breeze. I was able to take advantage of the 3 months free hosting promotion. Loving it.
Maittee Grana
I strongly recommend this company, they are super professional and fast. Anything my company needs