Easy On Pocket With A Heavy Impact

At BlueOnNix we are committed to give you what you ask for. We will build you a customized website to your speciations. You will be able to see your site being built in Realtime giving you the option to make changes as it's being built.
Custom Website Design Starting From  $259 USD

Build As You Grow

We understand that sometimes the funds are not always there. Don't worry we have you covered, with our Build As You Grow option. Start out with a Basic website and as your business grows, so can your website.

Add a webpage for only $35.00.
Website updates are $5.00 per page
Website upgrades are $20.00 per Page

Pick Your Plan


Basic Website Package

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Startup Website Package

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Sme Website Package

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Growth Website Package

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Corporat Website Package

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Ultimate Website Package

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You Can Also Add

E-commerce  $195 USD
A shopping cart with Content Management System. Sell your tangible physical products online.

Appointment Scheduler $109 USD
Appointment and Customer Management. Services and Service Providers

Social Live Chat support  $129 USD
With this Live Chat system, the Support person may not always sit in front of a computer but can provide support to the customers on the move through a mobile phone using Whatsapp, Face book Messenger or Skype.

Simplest Shopping Cart  $69 USD
Customers will be able to add the products in their cart, check out (an email notification will be sent to the store owner) and pay with PayPal..

Live chat support  $99 USD
Chat with your clients and visitors in real time.

Newsletter  $35 USD
Newsletter system with an admin backend on your website. Allow users to subscribe to your newsletter. Send Newsletters to your subscribers from Admin backend. At any time a subscriber can unsubscribe

CMS Shopping Cart  $85 USD
A shopping cart for with Content Management System. Many payment gateways supported, Paypal, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, Pay on Arrival (COD), Credit Card payment (offline) and Provide Bank account details for wire transfers

Helpdesk Professional $45 USD
Helps you to build this confidence by providing an easy to use support system.

Exit PopUp Pro $29 USD
Detects if the mouse of a user leaves the viewport/document borders of your website and when this happens, it shows a popup box.

Testimonial Showcase $65 USD
Displays testimonials submitted by visitors and users.

Hotel Booking $249 USD
Complete list of customer with booking list of particular client.

Dynamic Blog  $65 USD
Can add images/flash objects/videos/YouTube videos etc.

Vibracart Paypal Shopping Cart $65 USD
Add Discount Coupons. Add Product Image in cart. Add Agree to Terms for buyers. Restrict Cart Minimum value. Restrict Cart Maximum Value

Super Blog $65 USD
Set number of posts on a page.  Add Categories & Archive. Show/Hide author name. Show full post or show Read More

Ushare File Sharing $55 USD
Ushare is a cloud based file sharing extension that allows you to share your files in a secure and easy way. It provides secure file sharing and multiple user accounts.

Testimonial $36 USD
Improves credibility and encourage visitors to purchase products/services from your website

Text 2 Voice $95 USD
Text to Speech on your website.

Time Slot Booking Calendar $135 USD
create a calendar for one or more services that are available for booking